My 10 Simple Life Changes Inspired By Tony Robbins

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In April 2017 I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event in London. It was a life changing experience.

In today’s video I share with you 10 of the most important changes that I have applied to my life over the year since I went to the event.

If you’d rather read what I’m talking about (or perhaps you’re at work or somewhere you can’t easily watch), here’s a brief synopsis:

1. Organic

I significantly changed my diet so that I now eat mostly clean, organic food

2. Water

I calculated the correct amount of water to drink for my body weight and now drink 2.4 litres of water every day. I try to drink pure water, sometimes I will have coffee or tea in addition to my water target

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3. Essential Oils

I take a daily supplement of essential oils as suggested at the event - my choice is krill oil

4. Bulletproof Coffee

After trying the samples of bulletproof coffee at the event, I now make this at home - it’s delicious. I have one cup about 5 days a week. The Bulletproof Diet (affiliate link) was created by Dave Asprey whose more recent book Headstrong (affiliate link) I have just finished listening to in audiobook format.

Dave is a bio-hacker who looks for ways to optimise health and brain power. His personal goal is to live to be 180 years old! He researches and delves deep into the science around what is best for our human bodies, then applies what he has learnt to his own life, as well as sharing his findings via his books and website.

5. Grass Fed Meat

As well as switching to an organic diet, we now try to only eat grass fed or pastured meat. Every 2 weeks we have a meat selection box delivered from Green Pasture Farms (their website has been temporarily down during 2018, but they’ve assured us they’ll be back up and running later in 2018). We’ve also tried Eversfield Organic meat deliveries which have been excellent. The reason for opting for grass fed meat is because of the reading I did in the Bulletproof Diet (affiliate link) and from Headstrong (affiliate link). We go for the Budget Paleo Meat Box at £50 plus £6.45 delivery, which usually has enough meat to cover 11 meals for 2 people. It has been really fun researching and experimenting with the different cuts of meats we have received, there’s been more than one occasion where we’ve had no idea how to cook it, so have had to jump online for ideas!

6. The Learning Never Ends

I realised at last year’s event how important it is to continue learning. It doesn’t really matter what it is that you are learning, just pick something that interests you and learn about it! I have been learning about financial independence, blogging, youtube creation and various other things since the event last year.

7. Interactions

One of the things we were taught at the event is the importance of other people and how we can help support each other. After UPW 2017 I joined several Facebook Groups with fellow attendees and have kept in contact with several people after the event. It’s great to learn from each other and offer advice when you have tips to share.

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8. Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is fundamental to living an optimum life. Some of the advice from the event was to put all electronic devices into airplane mode when you go to sleep. This is also echoed in Headstrong. I have been putting my devices into airplane mode just before I go to sleep each night.

9. Peak State

One of the biggest things you learn at Tony’s events is the importance of putting yourself into a peak state. This can be achieved in a number of different ways, but the idea is that you get yourself into a place where you’re feeling fantastic and pumped up. At the event this is largely achieved by frequent pauses in the program where music is played throughout the venue for everyone to dance to. It’s a lot of fun!

It’s harder in some ways to put yourself into peak state when you’re back in your every day life. I think you have to find your own way to achieve it - perhaps by listening to your favourite music, or by visualising, or jumping around for a bit!

Having the opportunity to experience others getting into peak state and doing the same myself is one of the things I am most looking forward to at this year’s event!

10. Raising My Standard

The final thing I’ve changed is about pushing myself to go the extra mile in things that I do. Raising the bar, and going an extra 2% over what everyone else may do. As Tony explained it, this is the difference between being good, or being outstanding.

Since writing this post, I have served as a member of Crew at Unleash The Power Within 2018 & 2019 in London. This again is a life changing experience, where we can put into practice some of the things learned after attending the event.

If you are interested in attending one of Tony’s amazing events you can find out about all of them at (affiliate link). If you have any questions about attending an event, drop me an email or leave a comment below, I’d be happy to answer your questions and would love to hear from you.

Have you ever attended one of Tony’s events? Perhaps you too are a Firewalker? If you’d like to ask me any questions about the event I’d be happy to answer…

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