Fincon 2017 and the Plutus Awards in Dallas

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September and October have been busy months for me. First there was the UK Money Bloggers event in London, then I went on a two week cruise to the Canary Islands, and now I’m on a plane to Dallas for Fincon2017! Although it’s all very new to me, I’m finding that the lifestyle of an entrepreneur certainly has its pros.

It was just under a year ago that I bought my ticket to attend Fincon2017. I’d spent the year discovering more and more financial and entrpreneurial blogs, keen to devour every bit of information I could find. Mrs. Frugalwoods from one of my favourite US blogs Frugalwoods mentioned her visit to Fincon 2016 and winning “Best Frugality Blog of the Year” at the Plutus Awards, shortly after she got home. This led me to check out the website where I found they were running super early bird ticket sales. So I figured what the heck, and bought myself a pass. Now the date has finally arrived, and I find myself bound for America - from Birmingham to Frankfurt and on to my final destination Dallas, Texas.

I feel that I’m in an information gathering phase right now. I am very new to blogging, social media and income generating from side hustles, so I’m keen to learn as much as I can from the diverse group of people who will be attending. I’ve joined the Fincon facebook group, and from what I can gather there will be a nice mix of new attendees like myself, alongside more seasoned alumni who have been returning year after year.

My initial reason for attending Fincon was because I wanted to see some of the big names from the financial blogging world in person. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, and Mrs. Frugalwoods really drew me in. However, since becoming a part of the community through the Facebook Group I realise that I am going to get so much more from this experience, and potentially even come away with some new friends.

One thing that excites me about Fincon is that it is big enough to attract a decent number of delegates from around the world, but it also feels like it will be intimate enough to really get to know people and have some in depth conversations about all things finance! I love geeking out on finance with those who share my passion.

The event runs for 4 days from Tuesday 24th through Saturday 27th October at the Sheraton Conference Center in Dallas. To my delight there is an app which can be downloaded which allows you to connect with other attendees, as well as viewing the full schedule. It even lets you mark favourites on which talks and sessions you want to attend so that it should be easier to prioritise time once there. Fincon 2017 and the Plutus Awards in Dallas awards banner

As well as being packed full of content, there is an opening party hosted by one of the sponsors Ally, the Plutus Awards (which I’m very excited about) and a costume closing party (yes I’ve brought a costume with me, and no, I’m not telling you what it is yet!) One aspect I’m particularly impressed with, is the offer of a mentoring session where you can request to be paired with a mentor (or offer to become a mentor) in an area of interest to you. I have taken the opportunity to request a mentor and hope to learn lots about Youtube so that I can kick off my Inspiring Life Design Channel alongside this blog.

Once in Dallas I’m looking forward to catching up with some of my fellow UK Money Bloggers who are also making the trip. It will be great to see some friendly faces, and share the experience of Fincon with fellow Brits. Among these are Miss Thrifty, Emma Drew and Cora (Mini Millionaire).

The things I hope to take from Fincon are:

  • A kickstart in motivation to really get going with sharing my journey on this site and on my social media platforms
  • Financial knowledge!
    • New side hustle ideas
    • How to monetise my blog & youtube
    • How to make the most of my online publishing business
    • How to increase my instagram following, with the long term goal of making this an income stream too
  • Meeting (or at least seeing) some of my online idols
  • Connecting with my fellow UK Money Bloggers
  • Networking with like minded people from around the world who share my passion for personal finance

Some may say that it’s a long way to go for just 5 days, but I’m excited and confident that the experience of Fincon 2017 will be more than worth it. Personally, I can’t wait!

Fincon 2017 and the Plutus Awards in Dallas, Corinna sat at the airport
Snapped at Frankfurt airport while waiting for my connecting flight to Dallas.

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