Sunny Days Are Coming, Get Fit With Me In This Sizzling Summer Countdown

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I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for lockdown to be done and for summer to get here - pronto!

It’s nearly been a year of restrictions due to the Coronavirus and we’re all fed up of it right? But it feels like there’s a light shining at the end of the tunnel. We have a roadmap to our new future out of lockdown, and better yet, it feels like spring is well and truly on the way.

Which means it’s a great time to take a stretch and ease ourselves out of winter hibernation.

Feeling Anxious And “Squidgy around the edges”?

Those 12 months of mostly staying indoors have taken their toll. Lockdown lethargy, freezing cold weather and comfort eating has caused even the best of us to pile on a few pounds.

The thought of venturing out and being social may feel a little daunting right now. A million questions race round our heads. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!

How will we remember to be around others? What will the new socialising look like? Will my friends remember me? Will my clothes still fit me?! Can I still walk in heels? Heck, can I still tie my laces?! Will people be happy to go out, to talk, to get closer than 2 metres apart? When can I hug my parents again?

Believe me I have been having all these thoughts and more. But I have found an unexpected solution to my anxiety. Something that I would never have thought could be a saviour for me.

Solidarity in getting fit!

It’s a health and fitness community, filled with fabulous ladies of all ages, sizes and walks of life, working out together. Supporting, helping and encouraging each other to hit their goals.

By focusing on my health and fitness, I have found a new level of confidence and self love that is preparing me both physically and mentally for going out into the big wide world again!

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Time To Take Back Control

It’s time to take back conrol of our bodies ladies!

No matter where you’re at right now, even if you struggle to get up from the sofa (that was me just a few weeks back!), take a first step today. Even the tiniest of steps will start building momentum for you, and tomorrow it will feel a little easier.

You could start with going for a walk, or if you’ve been walking every day, make today’s walk longer than the day before. Or set a timer and get stuck into some energetic cleaning to get your body moving, with some tunes pumping to get you going!

If you really want to get serious and feel fabulous for summer, then I would highly recommend making a time and money commitment to your goal. After years of trying to lose weight, nothing really changed for me until I put my money where my mouth was and bought myself an online membership with access to a coach and accountability community.

It’s truly been a game changer for me. It could be for you too.

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Your Opportunity To Be A Part Of Something Very Special

I’m super excited to share my 2021 Countdown To Summer program. A total solution to get your body in the shape you want it to be, right in time for summer.

And the best part? It’s all available online - you don’t even need to leave your house! But you’ll feel like you’ve never been in a more supportive community, with encouragement & support from me and determined ladies all around the world!

What Does The Program Include?

There’s a whole bundle of goodness to tempt you to join our sizzling sun-loving community!

For starters how about:

  • Countdown To Summer live chats, vision board workshops and progress checkpoints
  • Incredible library of online workout programs 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
    • Range of 3 to 90 day programs that build momentum, stamina and fitness levels
    • All fitness levels, from absolute beginner/totally unfit to intensified workouts
    • Variety of workouts to suit your preference (don’t worry I will help you choose): HIIT, Kick boxing, Dance, Barre, Circuit, weight lifting, strengthening, yoga, pilates…
    • Meditation & stretches
  • Choice of 2 nutrition programs, find an eating solution that works for you
  • Nutrition and/or supplements to make your life easier
  • 24hour virtual workout room - don’t workout alone, feel the burn with other kick-ass ladies!
  • Personal invitation to my Sunshine Studio community packed with tools & resources for having fun while getting fit! We’re talking cocktails, fun food, summer fashion & beauty prep
  • Coaching and mentoring from me, for the accountability you need to stay on track. This time you WILL DO IT, I got you!

All this and more, because I love to look after my Sunshine Studio ladies. I’m a gift giver extraordinaire! It’s my mission and my passion to get you the body you want and deserve!

I’m Not In The UK, Can I Still Join?

As well as the UK, you can also join this sizzling summer countdown if you live in the USA, Canada or France!

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How Much Does It Cost?

There are a range of pricing options depending on which starter bundle pack you choose and how much workout equipment is included.

You could get started from as little as £160 (or currency equivalent) for a full year’s subscription and all of the great benefits listed above. That’s the equivalent of just under £13.50 a month - you’d struggle to find a gym membership for so low, and it wouldn’t include the great coaching and community you get with this Summer Countdown program.

I can show you the different starter options so that you can make the right choice for you.

Will I Get Results?

Proof is in the pudding (or not in my case!) I have been working out following one of the programs since mid January and so far I have lost 14lbs (in 1.5 months). THIS WORKS!

You have to make a commitment and put the effort in, but you have all of the support you need to get the job done.

Example transformation 1
Example transformation 2

Okay, Tell Me More

Getting started is super easy and once you’re ready to join you get instant access!

Simply fill in these questions to find out more and I’ll get back to you via email within 24 hours. You will be able to ask me anything you like before deciding whether this is the right solution for you.

I am so excited for you to discover what a life changing way to get fit and feel a part of an amazing community this is!




If you have any questions for me you can email me at

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There’s Power In Numbers

Why not get your family and friends to join in with you too? There’s power in striving for a shared goal together. Share this post with your nearest and dearest today and you can start your journey together!

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