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Financial Independence/Early Retirement Sites

Below is a list of the many Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E.) blogs which I have come across and enjoy reading. I hope you enjoy following the journeys to financial freedom as much as I do!

UK Sites

Are Posting Frequently

  • Quietly Saving - written by 40-something “weenie”, charting her journey to FIRE before 60
  • The FIREstarter - another of my favourite UK financial independence blogs, recently celebrated his 5 year blogversary!
  • Tuppennys FIREplace - Tuppenny is seeking early retirement and plans to retire early as close to the Lake District as possible. She writes about ways to save and make money, while seeking financial independence
  • My Debt Diary - written by bride-to-be Emma who is documenting her journey to becoming debt-free, and ultimately financially independent
  • Ms Ziyou - Ms Ziyou plans to retire by age 40 in early 2021, she writes about her progress to FIRE and all things money
  • Saving Ninja - is a relatively new FIRE blogger, tracking their progress to FIRE with monthly savings reports. Also instigated the recent Thought Experiments series

Haven’t Posted In A While

  • Early Retirement Guy - Guy is an IT consultant who is writing about his journey to FIRE. Last updated July 2018
  • Financially Free by Forty - written by Huw Davies who actually managed to retire before 40 as a result of investing, online book publishing and keeping expenses low. Huw is currently working on a course to show people how to make money from Kindle publishing. Last updated June 2018
  • The Finance Zombie - Mr Zombie has been writing his blog since September 2014. He’s in his thirties, lives in the West Country and has a goal of retiring by age 45. He comes and goes on his website (last post was Sept 2017) but I find his posts a very fun read. Last updated September 2017

International Sites

  • Frugalwoods - artfully written by “Mrs Frugalwoods”, documenting her family’s quest for a frugal lifestyle. Since writing the blog she and her husband have had two daughters and they’ve moved to a homestead (farm) which was always their dream. I had the great fortune to meet them both at Fincon in 2017 where I was fortunate to snap a pic (it was at the closing party which was fancy dress!)
Blogroll Corinna with Mrs Frugalwoods at Fincon 2017
Corinna with Mrs Frugalwoods at Fincon 2017
  • Our Next Life - written by Tanja who retired at the end of 2017 aged 38 alongside her husband Mark aged 41. You can find their journey to financial independence documented as well as ongoing posts about their adventures now that they have retired early

Great Resource Sites

  • Rockstar Finance Directory - if you’re a personal finance blogger then this is the place to see and be seen! I love having a look through the list of bloggers who are seeking financial independence just like me. It’s also fascinating to see everyone’s net worth (for those who have disclosed it)
  • Monevator - if I ever need to make an investing decision, Monevator is the first place I go. It’s great for working out which investment products would suit you

UK Money Blogger Sites

Here is a selection of UK Money Blogger Sites that I like to visit:

  • UK Money Bloggers - I would be remiss not to mention the UK money bloggers site first!
  • Emma Drew - I had the pleasure of meeting Emma and her husband Tony at Fincon in 2017. She is a prolific blogger and entrepreneur, helping her readers find ways to make and save money. You can also find her on YouTube where her Poundland videos prove particularly popular. I have taken Emma’s Turn Your Dreams Into Money blog course and can highly recommend it if you are interested in finding ways to monetise and optimise your blog (whether you have started one already or are completely new to blogging)
  • My Money Cottage - Mum of 3 Clare writes about boosting your income and making your money stretch further
  • Be Clever With Your Cash - written by Andy Webb who founded UK Money Bloggers. Andy also runs the Be Clever With Your Cash podcast as well as appearing in numerous radio and magazine features